Legea 246/2006 - engleza

Law no. 246/2006
of 22/06/2006

supplementing Law no. 514/2003 on the organisation and exercise of the legal advisor profession

Published in the Official Gazette, Part I no. 556 of 27/06/2006

The law has come into force on 30 June 2006

The Parliament of Romania hereby adopts this law.
Single article. - After article 8 of Law no. 514/2003 on the organisation and exercise of the
legal advisor profession, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 867 of 5
December 2003, a new article is inserted, article 81, with the following content:
"Article 81 - (1) A citizen of a Member State of the European Union or of the European
Economic Area may exercise the legal advisor profession in Romania if that citizen meets the
requirements of the law, with the exception of the requirement of article 8 point a).
(2) The person mentioned at paragraph (1), who has obtained the legal advisor qualifications in
the Member State of Origin, may request at any time recognition for the diploma, in order to gain
acceptance in the legal advisor profession and practice such profession in Romania.
(3) For the diplomas to be recognised in Romania, the applicant must either take a knowledge
test or have a 3-year training period for Romanian law, as he or she opts.
(4) The Ministry of Justice shall determine the content and manner of performance for the
examination or the training period of paragraph (3).
(5) The person of paragraph (1), exercising the legal advisor profession in Romania, may
perform the same professional activities as a Romanian legal advisor.
(6) The provisions of this article are supplemented with the provisions of Law no. 200/2004 on
the recognition of diplomas and professional qualifications for regulated professions in Romania,
as subsequently amended."
This law was adopted by the Romanian Parliament in keeping with the provisions of article 75
and article 76 paragraph (1) of the Romanian Constitution, as republished






 Bucharest, 22 June 2006.    No. 246.


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